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Dear Present and Past Members of St. Joseph’s-St. Charles Parish, 

            As many of you are aware, the year 2012 marks our church’s 150th anniversary. It is our hope to celebrate this in a very interesting, inclusive and welcoming manner. In order for a celebration to be all that it can be, it needs as many participants and celebrants as possible. We have so very much to celebrate as we have an extraordinarily rich history and it is our hope that everyone possible will endeavor to participate as fully and as frequently as they can. This will necessitate each of us reaching out to those with whom we normally share parish activities, as well as to those who used to celebrate with us and among us in times gone by, but may not celebrate and worship with us at this time for a variety of reasons eg no longer live within our parish boundaries; may have moved out of Lambton County; may be away at school; may be worshiping within another parish; may have joined another religious organization; may simply not be involved anywhere in a religion or religious organization at all at this time of their life. Each of us are encouraged to reach out to each other, as well as to invite others to “come home” for at least part if not all of our celebrations. Hopefully, everyone in our parish will do their part, large or small, to bring together all those present and past to celebrate this amazing anniversary. 

            There will be a guest book for each present member of our parish to sign. This can be signed at any time throughout the year from January to August. Our children who are able to print their names are encouraged to do so also. As well, we would like any past members who may “come home” to the parish to mark one of the special events or just to visit to sign this book. In addition, we want any visitors to our parish to sign it. If anyone notices a past member or a visitor attending who may not know about our “guest book” please invite them to sign it before they leave. This book will then be kept as memorabilia for the next major anniversary within our parish, a ‘glimpse’ into our year of 2012 when we proudly celebrated our 150th anniversary. 

            The list of persons and events that we will be celebrating throughout the year are listed on the back of this letter with the dates on which they will be celebrated. More information, when necessary throughout the year, will be announced from the pulpit or in the weekly bulletin. As well, we will try as much as possible to have the information available on the parish website. Copies of this letter of invitation are available in the narthex of the church and every present and past member of our parish is strongly encouraged to send a copy of the letter to at least one other past member of our parish. Hopefully, the letter will also be able to be captured on the website, copied and forwarded by parishioners to their email friends who used to attend our parish. Remember that we are   “all in this together” and each can do our part. We are Companions on the Journey. 

Very sincerely, in the spirit of thanksgiving and celebration,

On behalf of the 150th Anniversary Committee, 

Maureen Morkin

Committee Members: Fr. Jan, Joe and Marion Walsh, Larry and Bonnie Donahue, Mike and Cathy Seward, Kelly and Donna Gilhuly, Mark Fraser, Tonia Barr, Deb Brown, Deanna Mundy, Glenn and Nancy Sonier, Maureen Morkin









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