_____ST. JOSEPH & ST CHARLES PARISH___________________________________


346 Beresford St., R 0. Box 209, Corunna, ON.  NON IGO, Canada

 Phone (519) 862‑1213 Fax (519) 862‑1233


Thank you for your generous support of our perish and our parish activities. Please consider prayerfully

your regular contributions to St. Joseph‑ St. Charles Parish and consider if your donation and support

of the perish reflects your thanksgiving and appreciation of the Church in your life. Your financial support

 of the parish is the mainstay of the day‑to‑day operations that allow us to have a church in our community.

 If you wish to make your Offertory Donations to St. Joseph‑ St. Charles Parish though an automatic bank

withdrawal, please complete this form and return it to the office, with a voided cheque. If you am unable to

come to the office during office hours simply fill out the form and put it and the voided cheque in a plain

enveloped addressed to Parish Office and place it in the collection basket on the weekend.



St. Joseph ‑St. Charles Parish

346 Beresford Street P.O. Box 209

Corunna ON NON IGO




Name (in full) _____________________________________________________________________

Address: _________________________________________________________________________

City:_________________________ Prov_________________________ Postal Code____________


I/We authorize the St Joseph‑ St. Charles Parish to debit my/our account and financial

institution as show below for the automatic payment of my/our Offertory Gifts to God.


           I/We wish to donate $_____________ [  ]Weekly [  ]Monthly [  ]Bi~monthly for

           my/our regular Sunday Offertory Donation.


          I/We wish to donate $______________[  ]Weekly [  ]Monthly [  ]Bi~monthly for

          our share toward the Building Fund Loan.


          Date:   I/We wish our contributions to begin___________________________________

         (If date is not specified then the amount will be withdrawn the first day of each month.)


          Bank:__________________________ Account No.____________________________




         Signature ___________________________________


           Please attach your voided cheque