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                 Dear Friends:

We are all companions on the journey of faith and hope you will experience
in us a supportive, prayerful and enjoyable community.
There are many various ministries exercised in our parish and
we hope you will find this information helpful.
Volunteers are always welcomed.
If you are able to donate some of your time and talent to a particular group or activity,
please, contact the Parish Office.


                                         The Parish Council of St. Joseph / St. Charles.


Are you interested in any of these Ministries or Committees?

 Please call the office at  519-862-1213 or use the following information.

Parish Council:    Chair:    Theresa MacDonald

 (519) 862-1753 

Sacramental Preparation:
Bonnie Donahue
Mary Ann Tippelt
  (519) 867-2096
Bereavement Team Chair:     Sandy Steevensz  Please contact the office with inquiries.
Property and Maintenance:   Jay Alexander    Please contact the office with comments.
Fund Raising Committee:       Marg Alexander  (519) 862-3741 or   arockylll@xcelco.on.ca

Children's Church:    
Caroll Elliott     Please call the office if interested.
Finance Committee:     Rod Fraser,  Bill Morkin
 Please call the office with inquires.
Accounting / Bookkeeping Rod & Connie Fraser  Please call the office with inquires.
Altar Servers: Gloria Grieve  (519) 862-3847
Lectors, Commentators, Eucharistic Ministers: Debby Brown  (519) 862-5258 or     richard.brown6@sympatico.ca
Catholic Women's League      (C.W.L.)   St-Joseph:
Susan Morphew
 (519) 867-5265  or   smorphew@ebtch.net
Catholic Women's League     (C.W.L.)   St-Charles:
Nora Mullen      Please call the office if interested.
Knights of Columbus:  #9447
 Grand Knight

 Membership Director
Ric Brown

 Ron  Morphew,

 Please call the office with inquires.

 (519) 867-5265

Liturgy Committee:
Deanna Mundy  Please call the office with inquires.

St. Vincent de Paul:
Owen Hagen  Please call the office with inquires.
Music Ministry:
Saturday Choir:

Sunday Choir: 

 Debby Brown
 If you feel you could help out, Please call the office.

 (519) 862-5258

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