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Whatever stage we find our relationship with Christ,
 there is always room for improvement. Being in a small Christian Community encourages us to grow with the support of others.

Why catholic? is a parish-based effort that aims to equip people with the knowledge and confidence to share their faith with others by first awakening, clarifying, and deepening their own Catholic faith.

Sign up:  Starting   January, 2016 .

February: Small faith- sharing groups will be formed to begin weekly meetings

Length:  6 weeks up until the start of Lent. Sessions will be 90 minutes.
Some will be set for evening and some will be set for daytime.

Watch for more announcements about “Why Catholic?” and when asked to join, say "Yes!"


Why Catholic?

Improve your Life

"Why Catholic?" is yet another stepping stone to move forward in personal faith and to grow closer to God by taking time out to notice how God is relevant in my everyday life, the struggles, the joys and even in the mundane "ordinary" moments.

The Why Catholic? process invites us to rethink our priorities so that we can place a greater emphasis on improving our relationship with God and others and improving our lives.

Origin of the program:
Why Catholic? Is the Newest in the family of “Renew” a non-profit international organization that supplies the faith sharing resources and ongoing training and support to facilitate the process. The goals are to deepen our faith understanding, to connect Catholic teachings to everyday life and enrich our personal relationship with Jesus.





How: With an easy to use workbook that divides into weekly themes.
We will be using this faith sharing resource in groups, that  will pray, read scripture, reflect, share, listen, and reflect on living out the message as you understand it.

Sessions will regroup during Lent  to complete the second half of the book. This completes a year  In subsequent years the cycle repeats with the themes of our beliefs, our celebrations (Mass sacraments rituals) and finally how we live as Christians.







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